Home Lighting: How to Pick a Color

Lighting is one of the most important elements in home decorating and improvement. Bringing in more lighting into our homes can make a whole lot of difference and can stimulate a positive environment.

Lighting can actually create a suitable illusion to any room by highlighting the colors. It can illuminate the details in every corner such as treasured ornaments and other creative details. More importantly, it significantly affects our mood within our homes. 

With insufficient lighting, the interiors can lack color and this can dampen the vitality and functionality of a room. Such home environment can depress your spirit and lower the positive energy. Balance is, therefore, very crucial in the lighting concept of your home.

And to achieve this, you have to become aware of the three basic types of home lighting commonly used which are; general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Proper use and balance of these lighting concepts can harmonize your home environment and can make each room functional and conducive for its purpose.

The 3 Types of Lighting Used in Homes

General Lighting

General Lighting is also referred to as Ambient Light. It is the type of lighting that can help you move around the house comfortably, safely and with ease. Basically, general lighting can help you get from point A to point B effortlessly and without hitting any object.

It’s the kind of light that is not too bright or too dim; and it’s not focused on a certain object but rather blankets the entire room. It is referred to as the soft glow that lights your space thus it’s also considered as “natural light”. 

Task Lighting

Task Lights are smaller and more concentrated lights which are usually focused on a certain spot. Task lighting is also referred to as “office lighting”.

This lighting creates a brighter focus like a spotlight so you can work on specific tasks that require a clearer and more central vision. It works as a finer light that is excellent for reading, sewing, cooking, writing or working on small objects. 

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is also a form of concentrated light that has a purpose of drawing the vision to its focal point. It is used to add style and dramatic effects to your home by illuminating certain pieces on display and shadowing dull areas.

It creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Accent lights are used to accentuate wall design, decorative details, artwork display, paintings, and collection. Outdoor accent lighting is used to highlight certain elements of architecture in your garden, patio or home exterior. 

August 8, 2019