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What is Restoration?

Restoration is an umbrella term that is used to describe the process of returning a building, home or property to its original form and condition.

The process of restoration typically involves repair of some essential elements to bring them back to their usual state and putting back a part of the property to a satisfactory state.

For example, a house roof that had been badly damaged by a hurricane in Miami may require roof restoration to bring it back to its original state.

A home that has been flooded with water due to burst pipes may require restoration to repair the damages and put things back to normal. 

The Process of Property Restoration

A restoration is a form of home maintenance service that requires the expertise of professionals and specialists. The objective is to restore the property to its original state and to bring it back to satisfactory form to recover its functionality and make it suitable for human occupancy.

Those who are in the business of flipping houses are aware of the entire process. Although in such cases, restoration is usually coupled with serious repairs and other home improvement projects to increase the value of the property. 

Property Restoration is a meticulous process. It usually involves a restoration team that consists of professionals under different specializations.

Each one is responsible for restoring a particular aspect of the property such as foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical. They also work synergistically in putting back together with the structural integrity and aesthetic elements of the property to create a suitable and healthy environment for its occupants.

example home restoration
Example home restoration

The restoration team usually consists of the following professionals and skilled individuals;

  • Carpenter – responsible for the major structural repair and the general foundation of the property such as roof, walls, built-in furnishings, and overall support system
  • Painters – responsible for painting the interior and exterior parts of the property and pays attention to the type of paint that is suitable to use for every part and material
  • Plumbers – responsible for the plumbing system, quality of pipes and fixtures, sewerage system and safety of water supply; checks for residual moisture, mold infestation, water leaks, and water retention. 
  • Electrician – checks, repairs and installs the electrical wiring within the property. 
  • A/C Maintenance and Installation – checks and repairs the existing air conditioning system; responsible for the installation of new air conditioners/humidifiers/heater
  • General Handyman – responsible for all types of repairs and restoration such as flooring, doors and windows installation, restoration of countertops, cabinets and drawers, stain removals, tiling, safety modification and other home inspections
  • Locksmith – responsible for the installation and restoration of locks, doorknobs and other security systems
August 8, 2019