Home Maintenance Service And Professional House Painting

Painting job for your home is important not only for cosmetic purposes but also to protect it from extreme weather conditions and from the damaging effects of water and sun.

In general, paint serves as your home’s first line of defense against various external elements because it can help prevent continuous wear and tear, wood rots and rust.

More importantly, applying fresh and suitable paint that complements the aesthetics of your property can beautify and add character to every room and corner of your home.

Paint Colors that Improve Home Environment

The color scheme that you choose for every room in your home can have an impact on its overall environment and interior design. Choosing the right color combination with your Miami painting service that sets the perfect mood can help establish a homey, pleasant and soothing atmosphere for everyone.

It also creates an environment that is conducive for the room’s specific function. 

home painting colors
Home painting colors

For you to understand how paint color can affect your home’s interior and exterior aspects; here’s the psychology behind every color. 

  • Yellow: The color of sunlight creates a happy and uplifting environment to a room. It awakens the senses and boosts positive energy. Shades of yellow are ideal for the kitchen, breakfast area and kids’ playroom.
  • Blue: This color symbolizes peace and tranquillity. It is a color that relaxes the mind and soothes the tired senses. Lighter shades are rejuvenating and visually refreshing while darker shades can help stimulate sleep. Blue is ideal for the bedroom, family room and common areas where the family usually gather together.
  • Green: The color of nature creates a natural and energizing vibe that is perfect for those who want to attract a lot of positivity in their lives. It is fresh and reviving thus making it a good color scheme for kids’ bedrooms, master’s bedroom, dining room and living room.
    Since it is a color that stimulates creativity and inspiration, it can also be used in areas where families usually do their activities such as play room and study room.
  • Warm Shades (Browns and Reds): Darker shades signify elegance, warmth and an air of extravagance. Shades of red are known to be highly stimulating and attract a lot of energy. They can be used in dining rooms or areas where guests are usually being entertained to maintain the spontaneity of conversations.
    Shades of browns are classic, welcoming and earthly. They stimulate a sense of familiarity thus making them ideal for living rooms, guest rooms and entertainment rooms. 
  • White: The color of purity and cleanliness is not just immaculate but versatile as well. It blends nicely with any color combination and design concept. It also makes a room seem bigger and brighter.
    White is suitable for the living room, kitchen, walk-in closets, study room and reading area. It is also the best choice of color for small areas. White is also commonly used in properties that feature a contemporary and minimalist design.
  • Orange: This color exudes warmth, vitality, and enthusiasm. Just like the yellow color, it stimulates good energy and happiness. Deeper shades of orange are usually used in home exteriors as an accent color and to add some character. It can also be used as a color-scheme for kitchen, study area, and dining room.
  • Purple: This color defines royalty and awakens nostalgic feelings. It is a shade that stimulates the mood, provides a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.
    It also triggers the imagination. Shades of purple can be used in bedrooms, guest rooms, study room and other areas where creativity, spirituality, and harmony between mind and emotions are encouraged.
August 8, 2019